Nostalgia At Its Best

Rebecca Clayborn

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone out there that is really vibing hard with what we have put out on the site! I get calls, texts and other messages from both friends, family and new friends about the messages that we put on the shirts. As usual, I get asked how did I think to put this site together. It's EVERYTHING that I've been through and seen since 1982! I graduated from Jackson State University, an HBCU in the state of Mississippi, and I remember then about dreaming of this site, but not knowing how to make it happen. I pursued all three degrees from there and by trade, I'm a collegiate history instructor. So indulging in the past is what I am paid to do! I am a story teller just like my father and when I am telling my son stories I am also showing him the past in various forms. He is literally required to listen to old school music on our record player and watch all the treasured movies of the past. Those things we hold near and dear, I find that the classics even reach the kids of today. When your 8 year old laughs at Jeromey Rome and the very idea of Cole's Rent-A-Spoons, you know that comedy is transcending as it should. So grab your damn Gina's shirts and what have you and share the laughs in public. 

Truly yours,


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